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Is it time for a new kind of home or business security?

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Complete Security With ATI

No Contracts and No Credit Checks!

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Since 2012 our customers have been putting their safety and security in the hands of ATI. We pride ourselves with our 5 Star rating on Google and continue to work hard to make sure every customer is satisfied. Every security alarm system installation comes with a 100 percent warranty.  As long as you're a continuous customer, we'll happily service your system and replace any bad alarm components if needed. We do all of this without the need to lock our customers into a contract that is excessive and extremely hard to get out of.

Our camera systems come with the same great service and are covered under their manufactures warranty for a minimum of 3 years. We offer many options when it comes to video surveillance service. Be sure to ask us about our yearly and bi-yearly camera cleaning and adjustment service. 

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Top Notch Monitoring Services

ATI is proud to partner with Rapid Response Monitoring. Founded in 1992, Rapid Response has been one of the leading alarm monitoring centers in the US. With multiple monitoring centers they create the redundancy needed to protect our customers. If one center went off line in due to a local emergency then another location will pick up the calls and continue serving our customers with no down time. 

A Sytem to Match Every Budget

Safety and Security of your home or business should be your number one priority. Finding the right system that not only meets your needs but also your budget is really not that hard to find. Our sales staff is fully trained in providing you with a personal security assessment that will cover all aspects of your home or business and help you find the system that will match all of your need and budget. 

Automation Safety and Security

Home security now goes above and beyond just the standard security devices. Protecting your home from fire and other disasters is key to completing your system. Using photoelectric smoke communicators that will detect and fire up to 30 minutes sooner than and standard smoke detector can mean the difference of life and death. Adding temperature and water sensors can alert you well before a disaster can occur saving your home from a flooded basement and thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Adding light, door lock and even thermostat control gives you not only  convenience while you're away but will also help you save hundreds on your utility bills. 

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