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Customized Protection for Your Dock and Boatlift

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Dock Surveillance
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ATI offers customized video and alarm systems to help protect not only your dock but your boatlift as well. We've all seen the pictures of lifts failing and docks sinking all while the owner is away. With ATI's customized systems you will be alerted not only if motion detected but if you lift fails or is lowered too.

Our Camera Systems all come with day/night technology that allows the camera to automatically adjust to the light conditions to give you the best image available. We only offer high definition cameras that will give you a high quality image even when you zoom in on recorded video. 

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We have developed a special sensor that is designed to monitor your boat lift. If your lift fails unexpectedly or if someone lowers it without your permission, these sensors will notify you via push notification to your phone. Our Boat Lift Sensors will also integrate with your alarm system to give you all around protection. 


The Boatlift Watchdog System is designed to notify you in the event of a failure or unauthorized use of your Boatlift. No internet connection is required as the Boatlift Watchdog uses a cellular radio to transmit the signal to your device. 

  • Push Notification Alerts

  • Designed for Rough Water Locations

  • Monitor Your Boatlift from anywhere on your mobile device

  • Built in Cellular Radio Powered by

  • Optional Camera with 2 Way Audio

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