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Customized video protection to fit your needs

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Complete Video Surveillance_
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Video Surveillance Systems and Alarm Systems go hand in hand. Alarm Systems do a great job of alerting police and anyone in the area of a break-in but without video evidence it is really hard to get a conviction of a subject. 

Our Camera Systems all come with day/night technology that allows the camera to automatically adjust to the light conditions to give you the best image available. We only offer high definition cameras that will give you a high quality image even when you zoom in on recorded video. 

Camera System to Match Any Application

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We offer security camera system installation that will match your needs.  Whether its a large commercial facility with over 500 cameras or a small residential system we have the experience and knowledge to meet your goals. Our sales staff has the training and experience to build you the proper system that not only fits your needs now but for the future as well. 

Video Analytics Matter 

Not all camera systems are created equally. We only offer cameras that have video analytics built in.  The analytics allow you to use your system more efficiently.  From people counters to face recognition these systems will save you hours of video review after an incident. You'll be able to setup notifications that will alert you when a person crosses a designated point or if motion is detected in any part of the image. 

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